Mind the Gap!

mind-the-gapIt’s a saying you hear every time you step onto or off the London Underground train. During a recent visit to London, this phrase had me thinking about leadership gaps.

Unknown gaps, or blind spots, can quickly cause us to misstep, triggering both ourselves and others’ frustration, anger and misinterpretation. As a coach, I often observe client’s unconscious habits, hidden patterns and actions that cause them to not show up and be seen or heard the way they intended.

As leaders, our effect on others is deep and wide. Having the capability to mind our leadership gaps gives us new choices and different modes of thinking and action.  One of the quickest ways to understanding these hidden patterns is to understand our emotional intelligence fitness. Unlike our IQ, our emotional intelligence can be greatly improved with attention and intention.

Our feelings are at the root of most of our actions. Emotions provide us both information and a gift. When we dial our feelings down we lose the information and the gift; when we dial them up we can get into trouble.

Let’s take fear.  The information it provides us is “there’s a threat!” The gift it provides us with is protection and safety. Feelings are a necessary component to effectively connecting and communicating with others. They guide our decision making by providing us important information to make well informed decisions.

“Emotional competencies are twice as important in contributing to excellence as pure intellect and experience. 90% of leadership success can be attributed to emotional intelligence. At the highest levels in leadership positions, emotional intelligence competence accounts for virtually the entire advantage.”– Daniel Goleman

How do I know what my EQ fitness is?

The EQ in Action Profile is an assessment tool which maps our activated hidden patterns in difficult relationships at work. It offers a guide for ongoing self-development for high-performance, successful relationships, as well as an overall sense of wellbeing and vitality in our life.

The Profile measures our internal experience under stress in the moment in relationship. It helps us to see those hidden patterns and filters we unconsciously apply during a stressful interaction or situation. Some patterns and filters lend to our success, others derail us without our knowing it.

The EQ in Action Profile offers leaders a laser-like focus on how to take their leadership to the next level of excellence. To vividly see the lens though which you view the world provides rich insight to enhance key relationships and grows your capacities as a leader.

Ready to understand you EQ fitness level? Contact BenchStrength Coaching info@BenchStrengthCoaching.com.

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About Christine Noffz

I aspire to empower and inspire people to become the best version of themselves through writing and coaching. I believe when we know deeply and intimately who we are, what we stand for, what we believe and our personal "why," WE create the levers to our success and happiness in this VUCA world. With one small tweak of the lens in which we view ourselves and the world, things become crystal clear. Remember....the lens is in our own hands, we just need to know which way to turn it.
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